Corporate Culture

Swallow-way →Swallow is the herald of spring, brings life and vigorousness; Millet sprays is the symbol of bumper harvest and joyance;
A swallow with millet sprays flying to happiness bring best wish to world; That's us ---- Swallow Way, flying on the way of happiness and harvest !

Our Style : Trueness,Swiftness,promise
Our Spirit: Study,Help,Promote
Our Position: Nothing impossible, No excuse,Ensure responsibility

President Message:

To be a profesional logistics,we should Learn not only professional knowledge, but communication skill with all customers, colleagues and suppliers.

We all befriend our colleagues. We mutually assistance and stand side-by-side. That we have a strong esprit de corps.

We are on side of customers,satisfied customers, grow up with customers and succeed with customers. That is why we are here.

We fervently believe that the more we study, the more we should be strong in our attainments, service quality, professional knowledge , prestige..etc.

No mather in study or help, warm greeting and best wishes for happiness and success everyday.